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Emily Kettner Photography

I started a passion for photography very early on. I used to love when a wedding would leave the disposable cameras at the table so that I could snatch one up and capture moments of the reception — usually blurry. When my husband gave me my first professional camera as a wedding gift, I promised that I would use it to document our life. When my first baby was born, I told myself I would improve my talent so that I had a lifetime gift to give her — capturing her beautiful moments of childhood. 

And so you see, at each interval of my life, I found myself feeling that pull from photography to capture memories. It's a part of me. 

Now, I've expanded that promise to capture moments beyond my own, to other families and people. I want them to have photos they can cherish when memories dull and a photograph will bring it all back to life. 

I quite my job as the Senior Vice President of an advertising agency to focus all of my attention on photography and doing what I love. And it truly is a passion. How many people can say they do what they love? I can. Every. Single. Day.


My Style

You know those Pinterest photos that you love? The ones with a gentle caress, a delicate detail, sun-soaked, vintage, lovely? I call these swoon-worthy, and seek these moments in every session I have, big or small. I enjoy natural light, and attempt to always shoot without flash, unless absolutely necessary (i.e. receptions, indoor weddings, inclement weather). While I'll always work to get the combinations necessary, I try to let the creative energy flow when taking photos — my attempt is to keep things natural and capture moments, rather than totally posed portraits. 


I do not own a studio, so if you prefer more formally posed studio images, Emily Kettner Photography may not be the right match for you. 


Most importantly, my goal is to create a connection with you, so that you are at your most comfortable, natural and real self. 

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