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Willow & Pond

Great water feature, weeping willow trees, gravel paths with lots of green, some wild flowers and nearby birch trees. 


Fields & Flowers

A mix between a secret garden with blooming flowers and a huge field of long grass and wheat. 


Rustic Pines

Tall pines in long lines make for beautiful pictures in all seasons. This location also has a log cabin, log stacks, and wheat field for variety. 


Waterfall Adventure

Located in the Green Bay Area, this waterfall has variety and adventure. Get your feet wet in the top stream, stay dry on big rocks below, take photos in the fields along the way, and be up for a small hike for this one! 


Ivy & Brick

Great for small families or seniors, this location features brick walls, wrought iron stairs, ivy-covered bridges and small waterways. Plus nearby Neenah offers more urban photos to choose from with brick and ivy.


Groomed Park & Dome

This park features a beautiful bronze dome, cool wood bridge, small butterfly/flower garden and more. Must be willing to shoot near sunset due to dome brightness. 


***Beach & Lighthouse

Beautiful quiet beach with fallen trees, white lighthouse and grassy fields. Seasonal. Must pay park entrance. One hour from Fox Valley.



Only one week a year, photos are taken in a busy sunflower field within one hour drive of Fox Valley. Must pay location fee and be available the week of the bloom, typically end of July.


***A Place in the Pines

If you've ever dreamed of taking photos during your Christmas Tree hunt, this is your pick! Location varies based on availability, 30-60 minutes from the Fox Valley. 

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