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Appleton Wedding at Bubolz Nature Center

Can we give a shoutout to the best natural venue in the Appleton Wisconsin area — Bubolz Nature Preserve. I love this wedding venue so much for photography. I'm usually at Bubolz Nature preserve a few times a week photographing couples and families, but weddings there are extra special for a few reasons:

  1. Because I'm familiar with the location, I know all of the great spots to take photos, when the light is best, and what mistakes can be made by other photographers.

  2. I live fairly close to the location, so I can check it out at any time of the year and make sure trails aren't muddy, there is fall color, there is snow on the ground etc. Any time of year at Bubolz Nature Preserve is a great time.

  3. The location has a few options for receptions and ceremonies including an amphitheater or a tall pine location. Their reception holds a pretty large group, but can be closed off to hold a smaller amount too.

  4. It's a great location to do your own DIY wedding. It's a pretty blank canvas, (with a gorgeous backdrop), and it really is what you make of it.

  5. I've shot weddings there when it rains, and the indoor space is really nice to still have a ceremony if you can't make the outdoor ceremony happen!

  6. Everything is in one location — from getting ready to ceremony to reception to photos, you never have to leave, meaning you get to take less time traveling and more time enjoying your day.

So if you are thinking about planning your wedding in Appleton Wisconsin or the surrounding area, Bubolz Nature Preserve is a really great option. There's so much to love, about this location, and I'd love to be your wedding photographer to make it happen.

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