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Emilie + Shaun's Holy Hill and West Bend Wedding

Where do I start with Emilie and Shaun? They are just the cutest, most in love couple I have ever met. Every part of their Holy Hill wedding was special and filled with special details. From the Basilica at Holy Hill ceremony, the photos in the bell tower (funny story about that!), the stop on the way to the reception in the field to get the Holy Hill steeples in the background, and then a reception at West Bend County Club, I loved every minute.

When we took their engagement photos, they revealed to me that they'd been secretly taking dancing classes and had a coordinated dance ready for their first dance. They showed it off to me then, and then in a few photos beforehand, and gahhhh, it is just adorable. When the finally revealed it at their reception, the crowd went WILD. And they killed it too.

Add in their blended family, Emilie trying to plan a wedding while going to Medical School, a homemade wedding skirt, a first "touch" that was to die for, and a fantastic and fun wedding party, this wedding was a serious dream. I can't wait for more weddings to come at both Holy Hill and West Bend Country Club.

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