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Waverly Beach Appleton Wedding

I have probably never had a more badass couple than Kate and Matt. From Kate's tattoo and shaved haircut, to Matt's ultra laid-back vibe and funny groomsmen, this couple definitely had the cool factor.

And even though Kate was proud of her tattoos, grandma wasn't so keen. Kate mentioned this when we chatted, and as a surprise, I included a tattoo-free photo of Kate and her grandmother (with my amazing photoshop skills) as a keepsake.

This couple might have been pretty cool, but they chose the hottest day of the year to have their wedding. Luckily, the ceremony was at Waverly Beach, overlooking Lake Winnebago. The wedding party wore sunglasses, the officiant rocked a beard, and Vic Ferrari literally sang them down the aisle.

When it came time to party, they were having so much fun, I hated having to wrangle everyone away for some formal wedding photos, and more candid one-on-one photos of the couple.

I'm big on location scouting, so I found a secluded spot to sneak them away and grab these stunners.

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