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Apple Orchard Barn Wedding

Some of the coolest locations for weddings in the Appleton area include apple orchards, barns and other more rustic vibes. It's one of the things I love best about Wisconsin Weddings. As a couple, you're not stuck to a single type of wedding.

Meghan and Mike choose an apple orchard outside of the Fox Valley for their setting for their big day. They were married with cornfields in the background, gorgeous gardens overlooking the venue, and a cool barn shed, for their reception.

I think I feel in love with Meghan and Mike when they told me they were having a taco food truck for their reception. I mean, come on. Tacos at a wedding? Food truck style? I wanted to be a guest.

Meghan wore the most lovely, long-sleeved wedding gown I have ever seen. And to match the apple orchard, the bridesmaids wore in a deep red to go with their fall vibe. Guys were in navy suits, and get this — the flowers were actually artificial. They looked so real and allowed her to have a huge bouquet of flowers without worrying about preserving it.

And that funny photo you see of the wedding party playing cards? That is their friend ritual, playing Euchre on the weekends, so of course we had to capture that moment for them.

I loved all of the little details of the wedding, but most of all, I loved how everyone ended up on the dance floor that night. They truly had a PARTY, and everyone showed up. Like showed up to dance.

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