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Family Anniversary Photography with the Lamers Family

The Lamers family contacted me for a very special anniversary session for their tenth anniversary. They wanted to incorporate their daughter into the photos, but also have some special romantic photos of just the two of them as well.

We chose their actual anniversary date to take the photos, so that it would be an extra special moment for them to remember, and because they were married in the winter (February!), they wanted the snow represented too. I came up with the genius idea to take photos at Fonferek Glen in Green Bay!

I've been here in the summer, but the winter was an amazing contrast! A frozen waterfall is pretty much the best, coolest (literally) and dramatic way to represent February in my opinion. We had a tough time walking to the base of the waterfall, so we ended up just taking photos from the top and surrounding area, and oh boy, I would recommend this location to any session of mine. It's become a new favorite!

If you have unique ideas for your session with me at Emily Kettner Photography, don't hesitate to throw it out there. I'm adventurous, open and willing to travel to result in some really amazing photos.


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