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Family Photos - Winter Holiday Card Photography Session

The Weber family contacted me wanting photos for their holiday cards. They hadn't had a chance to do fall photos, but were worried they might be too later for the holidays. What they didn't know is that I have a turnaround of 7-10 days, which means plenty of time to get those cards ordered and sent out before Christmas.

They were looking for a setting that might have a more holiday feel. I knew my secret location amongst the pine trees would be a perfect fit.

And let me tell you, they had the perfect weather. We scheduled the session before sunset — something I always recommend if you can work it out. In the fall and winter, sun sets around 4PM which means an early session time of 3 or 3:30. Yep, that's hard on working families, but if you can swing it, I'm telling you, your photos will be a step up.

And the Weber family? They are the CUTEST. Amy was so worried about what to wear, and so I sent her a couple of pinterest boards with themes for color ideas. I recommend layers, hats, vests, and lots of texture too. Ladies! When you can wear a dress or leave your hair out, you'll see so much movement in the photos. Amy ended up making some great choices — she had nothing to worry about!

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