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Maternity Session at Bubolz Nature Preserve in Appleton

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Anytime a fellow photographer has you take their maternity photos, there's always an added level of pressure as well as flattery. Leah is not only a friend but fellow photographer, and so when we decided to take her maternity photos a little late in the game, at 36 weeks, we knew that there would be some challenges, but also some great benefits.

Usually I take maternity photos earlier, at 30 to 34 weeks of pregnancy. This allows for bigger bellies, but not uncomfortable pregnant women. Everybody is different in having other children, partner or others in the photos. Some want it to be a family affair, but ultimately, I wanted to give Leah the opportunity to step away from her hectic life of three boys, and treat her to a session that would make her feel beautiful and feature only her and her belly.

Taking a nice little hike through Bubolz Nature Preserve, we really found the light in this maternity session. It was an hour before sunset — my absolute favorite time to photograph. The rays shone through so stunningly, it made for the most amazing maternity photos. What better way to represent new life than bright sunshine. This baby was extra special for Leah, being her last, being her first girl after three boys, and also being a rainbow baby. Although we didn't have a rainbow for this session, we definitely had the sunshine.

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