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Fall Family Photos in Appleton

Fall is the absolute perfect time to take family photos and get those Christmas card pictures ready before it gets too cold in Wisconsin. I love capturing families in their layers of fall colors they are wearing — scarves and vests and hats gallore!

I often do fall mini sessions that last about 20-30 minutes, but this year, it seemed most families wanted full sessions where we could spend a little more time together and capture smiles and cozy cuddles. I tend to recommend full sessions for families with small children. Even though it's a little chilly sometimes, and kids don't last as long, it's good to get them warmed up to the camera before they are playful and fun.

We had some really chilly days, but we also lucked out with beautiful weather! The previous year, I rescheduled a bunch of sessions due to rain. This year, I was able to complete almost all of my sessions based on weather! Now if only that darn COVID would cooperate too! This year, I stayed my distance, wore a mask outdoors, and did contactless organization so that we could limit any exposure and cross exposure between families and myself. It worked out great and everyone stayed healthy this fall season. Here's a sneak peek of some of my favorite fall family photos this season.

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